Orange is launching season 2 of Y’Africa, the TV show for African culture

Building on the success of season 1, “Y’Africa” is returning this autumn with a new season, which will be broadcast on fifteen African national channels, on YouTube and adapted as a podcast.

Painters, photographers, sculptors, choreographers, stylists and musicians – African culture is packed with young talent from a wide range of disciplines. “Y’Africa”, a contraction of “Africa Ya lelo” or “Africa today” in Lingala, is a TV series which puts emerging artists in the spotlight. Each episode presents a portrait of three artists who tell their story through their work, while acting as a guide to the cities where they live.

Developed by Orange, the program aims to offer African culture, in all its forms, an opportunity to shine and to strengthen the local presence of the Orange brand in Africa.

Season 1 highlighted the diversity of African talent

Launched on February 6, season 1 of “Y’Africa” revealed the journeys of thirty-nine artists from ten different countries through thirteen episodes (each twenty-six minutes long). The documentary series was broadcast in 2020 on television channels in fifteen African countries.

The influencer campaign carried out by Totem Experience, and a team of thirty-four, generated over 13 million post and story views with an exceptional level of engagement – three times the average.  

“I am delighted with the success of the first season of Y’Africa which drew a wide audience to these artist portraits and generated plenty of attention on social networks. This original concept proved its value through the quality of its content, a wide choice of artists and the emotions it inspired in viewers. Building on the very positive feedback we received, we are pressing ahead and are starting shooting for season 2.”

Béatrice Mandine, Executive Director of Communications, Engagement and Brand

The enthusiasm generated by “Y’Africa” on television and on the web led us to decline the first season in two original spin-offs this spring:

  • Short portraits of the thirty-nine artists will be available on the Orange YouTube channel.
  • The thirteen television episodes will be adapted into a podcast which will be available on all the usual platforms.

The positive feedback, in the form of audience engagement on social networks and the enthusiasm of African TV channels, encouraged Orange to go again with a second season.

Launch of Season 2

Season 2 of “Y’Africa” will be made up of eight new episodes (each twenty-six minutes long) presenting twenty-four artists from eight different countries: Botswana, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Morocco, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Tunisia.

“The first season of Y’Africa was a great success. This audiovisual program showcases the richness of cultures and the creativity of African youth. The season 2 will enable us to discover new talented artists, I am looking forward to listening their testimonies”.

Alioune Ndiaye, CEO of Orange Africa and the Middle East

The executive producer will once again be Fame Productions, and it will be directed by Dan Assayag. The concept remains the same: a dive into the journey of each artist who, through their portrait, also acts a guide to their city.

It is due to be broadcast in the same fifteen countries from fall 2021. Season 2 of “Y’Africa” will also receive a special broadcast on the Orange YouTube Channel. Additional exclusive content (long sequences, making-of, podcasts, etc.) will also be available online.

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