Ooredoo Kuwait Partners with Infoblox to provide network infrastructure control solutions

Ooredoo Business announced its partnership with Infoblox, the pioneer in delivering the world’s most reliable, secure and automated networks, to provide network infrastructure control solutions.

As organizations are shifting to a distributed, hybrid-cloud, multi-device world, they need to make sure they maintain security and IT retains control. With Infoblox, Ooredoo ensures advanced security, reliability, and automation to its network environments.

The increasing demands put on networks by mobile devices, BYOD, virtualization and clouds, and the transition to IPv6 have created greater complexity and risk for IT teams to manage. Ooredoo delivers Infoblox technology to help customers automate network control functions to reduce complexity and costs and increase security.

IT teams can more effectively control their networks, and free up resources to focus on strategic projects that create business value. Ooredoo will turn the core network services that companies rely on to run business into most valuable security assets. BloxOne Threat Defense maximizes brand protection by working with existing defenses to protect network and automatically extend security to digital imperatives, including SD-WAN, IoT and the cloud. It powers security orchestration, automation and response solutions, slashes the time to investigate and remediate cyber threats, optimizes the performance of the entire security ecosystem and reduces the total cost of enterprise threat defense.

“We are pleased to be recognized as an Infoblox partner in the State of Kuwait which will maintain our focus on delivering a unified, secure and intelligent solutions that transforms the employee experience by organizing, guiding, and automating all activities people need to perform at their best.”

Zainab Al-Shammari, Manager, Strategic Marketing & Business Planning, B2B/B2B Marketing, Ooredoo Kuwait

With Infoblox, Ooredoo protects organizations from escalating cyber threats that disrupt the business. BloxOne Threat Defense uniquely combines advanced analytics based on machine learning, highly accurate and aggregated threat intelligence and automation to detect and prevent a broad range of threats.

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