Zambia issues spectrum in the 800 MHz band to increase the country’s internet penetration to 75%

The Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority invites applications for the issuance of additional spectrum

The ZICTA issued statement says that the licence’s reserve price is US$12.5-million. To be eligible to take part in the bidding process, applicants must have an electronic communication network license in the international market segment.

“While it is acknowledged that Zambia has experienced notable growth rates in the ICT sector, it is anticipated that the assignment of the 800 MHz spectrum band will further enhance access to ICTs by all Zambians thereby increasing the country’s internet penetration level to as high as 75 percent”

According to the regulator, the demand for spectrum is increasing and by issuing new spectrum, the quality of telecommunications services would improve.

The statement says, that the country could benefit from increased coverage of broadband. A number of existing and emerging digital platforms in key economic sectors such as agriculture, education, health and increasingly financial services leverage on broad band to offer services more efficiently.

The bidding is scheduled to end on 2 March 2021.

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