Kaspersky iHub and G-Core Labs team up to support gaming startups

Kaspersky Innovation Hub (iHub) and edge cloud provider G-Core Labs have joined forces to search for and support promising gaming startups.

This partnership between the global companies will provide expertise, infrastructure and resources to prospects that have the potential to change the gaming world and ensure a safer tomorrow.

Gaming is one of the rapidly developing industries, especially in the current digital climate. According to reports, it is projected there will be over 3 billion gamers by 2023. The rise in the popularity of gaming is creating opportunities for developers too – more and more projects have appeared in hope of meeting the needs of such a large audience. Through their program, Kaspersky and G-Core Labs aim to bring multiple values to the startup community and allow entrepreneurs to develop trailblazing gaming projects. The partner companies also plan to jointly connect with gaming startups to raise the awareness about the initiative among niche developers.

“We are happy to join forces with G-Core Labs and support developers who are driven by a desire to enhance gaming technologies. This partnership is an important step to pull together our capabilities, back innovative startups and give them an opportunity to validate, grow and scale their ideas.”

Vitaly Mzokov, Head of Kaspersky iHub

G-Core Labs will provide prospects with free access to its cloud infrastructure, which is critical to build products technically. Selected startups will have a chance to receive up to €25,000 that can be spent on the cloud company’s services within a two-year period.

“G-Core Labs has many years of experience providing service for the gaming industry. Our global cloud infrastructure, with over 100 points of presence on five continents, was originally created to solve the most complex challenges. I’m sure that our partnership with Kaspersky will eventually have a positive impact on the gaming industry.”

Vsevolod Vayner, Head of Cloud Platform Department at G-Core Labs

Kaspersky Innovation Hub’s cooperation with G-Core Labs started in spring 2020 – following the iHub’s open call for gaming startups that are creating solutions on the edge of cybersecurity for the needs of gaming industry. The iHub has chosen the most scalable finalists and introduced them to the edge cloud provider as they supported the initiative.

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