OmniClouds Standardises on Versa Networks to Deliver Secure SD-WAN Across Middle East and Africa

OmniClouds, the leading innovator in the cloud service provider (CSP) space and migrator for the EMEA region, today announced that it has adopted the Versa Secure SD-WAN solution to offer and expand services across all Middle East and Africa, using OmniClouds’ comprehensive SDN-dedicated network offering a unique experience of true SLA-based cloud services.

OmniClouds’ platform connects its enterprise customers’ branches and remote users to multiple public and private clouds, lowering the expense and complications of cloud adoption in Middle East and Africa. It is offering Versa Networks, the leader in Secure SD-WAN providing software-defined networking over any type of connectivity for simplified management and dynamic support for cloud adoption and migration.

OmniClouds will not only provide full hybrid cloud connectivity, but will also use Versa Networks as an overlay to existing connectivity technologies, such as IP-MPLS, microwave, satellite, LTE or public internet, to automate operations and enhance connectivity over large geographic regions. This will give its enterprise, government and SME customers a central management view of the entire network, enabling them to easily control security, user permissions and parameters, such as latency and quality of service.

OmniClouds is excited and proud of the strategic partnership with Versa Networks, the best in class for SD-WAN Technologies. We are a partner led global organization, addressing our SME, Public Sector and SOHO customers through our regional, local, white label ISPs across the globe. In doing so we look for strong partnerships for our network technology and visionary and trustworthy leadership, and Versa Networks is exceptional in all these aspects. We are confident that we are setting the standard for both cloud connectivity and smart applications management.

Amr A Eid, Group Chief Executive Officer and Board Member, OmniClouds

OmniClouds will use Versa Cloud Gateways at each of the regions’ and counties’ main cloud service providers, which connect with Secure SD-WAN CPE running Versa Operating System (VOS™) at the enterprises’ data centres, headquarters and branch operations. This dramatically reduces customer operating costs, smooths their adoption of cloud services, and enables widespread connectivity across distant locations.

OmniClouds is a leader in optimising, migrating, and supporting organisations’ migration from traditional internet connectivity models to modern, cloud-based network infrastructures. Secure SD-WAN is the pervasive method for businesses and organisations to securely, reliably, and seamlessly connect their offices, teleworkers, employees, staff, and partners globally to private data centres, cloud services, and SaaS. Versa is excited to be working with OmniClouds to deliver the best-of-breed solution for the growing Middle East and Africa regions.

Kelly Ahuja, CEO of Versa Networks

With the advent of Covid-19, employees are increasingly connecting to corporate applications from remote locations (home, coffee shops and airports). With the pandemic, the ability to securely connect to those cloud and corporate applications has become a mandate. Unlike today’s VPN-based work from home solutions, OmniClouds now delivers the advantages of Secure SD-WAN remote access, including pervasive visibility of performance of the network, applications and security, with no additional hardware required.

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