FNB Most Valuable Brand in SA in Brand Z Report

The report highlights that FNB is valued at R 46.4 billion ($2.8 billion) and has risen in brand contribution with increased equity in all measures, and particularly in meaning and salience.

As a brand we’ve been on a journey to place the customer at the centre of everything we do, building integrated financial solutions that address core customer needs and consistently innovating at the back of understanding what these are. This has resulted in improved customer trust and an understanding of the relevance of the brand in our customers’ lives, culminating in us being recognised as the most valuable brand in South Africa, an accolade that we’re extremely proud of.

Faye Mfikwe, FNB Chief Marketing Officer

The BrandZ report states that ninety percent of South Africans want brands to talk about how they can be helpful in the new everyday life. FNB has improved on key measures of corporate and social responsibility, as a result of being very deliberate in sponsoring nation building through the association with the Springboks and more recently a campaign that calls on all South Africans to support local businesses and help to rebuild our economy. The brand is also passionate about helping in the communities we operate in through supporting the vulnerable groups in our society, whether it be early childhood development or providing support to the elderly.

Trust has formed the basis of our journey towards building a helpful brand. “In these times of uncertainty our strategy of building a superior customer experience through our platform journey has stood us in good stead and allowed us to fast-track the adoption of our digital solutions and ensure that we continue to provide solutions that are specifically tailored to our customer context” concludes

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