Liquid Telecom SA CEO Reshaad Sha resigns

Reshaad Sha will resign as Liquid Telecom South Africa CEO to head up a new artificial intelligence venture.

Appointed as the CEO of Liquid Telecom South Africa on 1 June 2018, his main responsibility was the companies turnaround.

During his tenure as CEO, Sha also oversaw the successful growth of digital services and the rollout of enhanced network services for enterprises and consumers across the country.

After the successful turnaround of Liquid Telecom South Africa, Sha said he is now ready for his new venture in the artificial intelligence space.

Reshaad joined the business at a time when we needed a strong leader to execute the turnaround strategy for Liquid Telecom SA very quickly.

Liquid Telecom COO Ahmed Mokhales

He will use his expertise in the telecommunications sector to focus his target companies on solving complex challenges that the industry faces in optimising and growing their businesses. His new company, BriteGaze, has partnered with businesses that bring unique value creation solutions to market.

In each of the respective fields of artificial intelligence, digital payment solutions, and the internet of things, BriteGaze will be addressing multiple solution facets.

Sha’s extensive experience in the ICT field will stand him in good stead in this new entrepreneurial venture.

Before joining Liquid Telecom, Sha served as CEO of IoT network operator SqwidNet and chief strategy officer and executive director of Dark Fibre Africa.

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