BeIN to boost Ramadan offerings with two movie channels

BeIN has launched two new channels on its platform – beIN Box Office HD2 and beIN Cinemas, with Hollywood movies curated for all ages.

A second pay-per-view (PPV) channel with a host of movies from different genres, beIN Box Office HD2 (available on channel #412) has been launched as part of beIN’s plan to keep its subscribers entertained and safe during the holy month of Ramadan. The new channel will compliment Box Office HD1 but offers more choice to subscribers and allows them to rent more movies every week from the world’s greatest studios and networks including Disney, Sony, Warner and Paramount. The price remains low at just $4 per film.

BeIN also recently collaborated with film distributors and launched an on-demand cinema service on its platform to provide the latest movies that have not been released in theatres owing to the pandemic. These movies will now be available on this new premium pay-per-view channel.

The new cinema replacement service also offers vital support to film distributors, who can now make their movies available to families across the region. More than 20 new movies will be released and available on the new beIN CINEMA channel in April and May.

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