Cell C launches “StarCALL” Service, helping South Africans stay connected, informed and safe

Cell C, in a partnership with Starlogik, has launched StarCALL, a free “ping” or “miss calling” service for customers with zero balance.

The system uses an innovative, patented technology pioneered by Starlogik, a global IP company specialising in advanced telecommunications.

Normally, customers cannot execute a ring when they are on zero credit, which applies to millions of South Africans at various times of the day or month, this will be the case to even more people now as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

The problem of zero-balance unconnected users is a world-wide problem affecting billions of people. These voiceless markets are excluded from being able to communicate with loved ones or in times of emergencies. We are proud that we are one of the first telco’s in the world to implement the Starlogik technology and open up communications to millions of South Africans who do not have the resources to load credit onto their phones and are therefore excluded from communicating.

Douglas Craigie Stevenson, Cell C CEO

Cell C users simply tap the star-key followed by the number they want to call. The call is routed instantly off the Cell C network to Starlogik’s virtual switch where an instant ping to the recipient is generated. This then triggers a return call from the recipient in many instances, thereby allowing people with zero balance to remain in contact.

“We are especially proud to be able to respond to the COVID-19 crisis by helping South Africans stay connected, and to support the President’s appeal to assist those who are disadvantaged,” added Craigie Stevenson.

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