Fixed Broadband Connections Jump 12% as Zuku Reclaims Top Fixed Broadband Provider

The Communications Authority of Kenya has released their latest Sector Statistics and it has shown that fixed broadband connections have shot up 12% in a quarter.

According to the report, Kenya has a total of 429,382 fixed subscriptions which is a 11.92% jump compared to what was reported last quarter (383,638).

Interestingly, Wananchi Group took back the top spot from Safaricom in the fixed data market. Safaricom had passed them last quarter but now they are back with a bang.

Wananchi Group now has 175,433 subscriptions, which is up from the 151,548 number they posted last quarter. These returns have an asterisk where they also include numbers for Wananchi Telecom’s subsidiaries (Wananchi Telcom and Simbanet). Safaricom is second with 165,810 subscriptions, up from 154,603 subscriptions reported last quarter. Wananchi Group and Safaricom now control 68.1% of the fixed data market.

Jamii Telecom is still third with 78,149 subscriptions. Poa Internet is 4th with 45,577 subscriptions. Mawingu Networks has 10,390 subscriptions and Liquid Telecom has 9,444 subscriptions.

The regulator also broke down for the first time the number of fixed fiber optic data subscribers. The total number is usually a summation of fixed cable modem subscribers, fixed fiber optic, fixed DSL data and other fixed data subscribers.

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