MWC 2022 Keynote: Vision of FC Barcelona’s Future

Mon, 28 Feb: 17:15 – 18:00 CET

The European football market is worth over 25 billion dollars today and continues to grow. The market reflects the drive to generate ever greater revenues by clubs which not only fund success on the pitch, but innovation off it. FC Barcelona, an institution with over 120 years of history, are owned by its members and face a unique challenge of how a sports entity such as Barça becomes compatible with being a 21st century club committed to technological advancements. Barça are in the process of re-building Camp Nou by embracing technology, improving sustainability and priortising inclusivity. This special keynote, which is open to all MWC attendees, will explore innovations being developed throughout the club with the first telematic referendum; the reach of Barca Studios and the impact of BiHub.  

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