Wed, 18 Oct: 09:30 – 10:45 CAT

In Africa, the journey to 5G has begun but it is still early stages for network deployment and commercialisation. Governments and enterprises in the region are increasingly using technology to tackle the biggest challenges faced by society, and 5G will no doubt play a key role in this area. But digital innovation relies on data and connectivity, where providing highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform is key. Today, through cloud, hundreds of thousands of businesses are being powered to transform and with increasing investment into digital infrastructure, efforts towards 5G will be critical to ensure the growth of Africa’s economies and livelihoods for years to come. Join us as we explore what can be achieved when governments and industry leaders align to fulfil the promise of a connected Africa.

Session Moderator
Louise Easterbrook, CFO, GSMA

Session Speakers
Boca Ba, CEO, SAMENA Telecommunications Council
Dr Philip Song, CMO, Huawei Carrier BG
Lacina Koné, Director General and Chief Executive Officer , Smart Afric
Philip Besiimire, MD, Vodacom Tanzania