RAKBANK Partners with Microsoft to Revolutionize Banking with AI-Powered Solutions

RAKBANK and Microsoft leverage AI to transform compliance, fraud detection, customer interactions, and marketing strategies.

RAKBANK and Microsoft, as part of their ongoing collaboration, will be leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to transform various facets of operations at the bank. The intent was formalized through a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed by Raheel Ahmed, Group CEO of RAKBANK, and Naim Yazbeck, General Manager of Microsoft UAE, at the RAKBANK Corporate office in Dubai today.

The collaboration will focus on redefining compliance, anti-money laundering and combatting the financing of terrorism (AML/CTF), and fraud detection; customer interactions; Customer Fulfillment and marketing initiatives at RAKBANK. This will be achieved through utilizing the advanced capabilities of GPT-4o, the multimodal large language model (LLM) from OpenAI, and JAIS, the world’s most advanced Arabic LLM from G42, running on Microsoft’s trusted cloud.

The collaboration with Microsoft underscores our commitment to innovation and operational excellence. We are pleased to combine forces with this global technology leader to leverage AI across a number of key areas, in line with our commitment to be the digital bank with a human touch.

Raheel Ahmed, Group CEO, RAKBANK

At Microsoft, we believe in the transformative power of AI to revolutionize industries. Our collaboration with RAKBANK is a testament to how advanced AI technologies can enhance financial operations, improve compliance, and deliver superior customer experiences, all underpinned by the trusted Microsoft cloud. We are dedicated to providing a cloud environment that not only meets but exceeds the rigorous security standards required by financial institutions. Our Azure platform is designed with the highest levels of security controls and monitoring, ensuring that our customers’ data is protected and services are dependable.

Naim Yazbeck, General Manager, Microsoft UAE

Additionally, the work with Microsoft will help to reimagine the way customers engage with RAKBANK through innovative AI-driven solutions. The collaboration will optimize digital and voice experiences as well as call center operations – aligned with RAKBANK’s commitment to adopting cutting-edge technology to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Radically enhancing efficiency, quality assurance and decision making of the customer fulfillment and other operational activities.

RAKBANK plans to launch a new marketing campaign fully supported by AI, setting a new standard for how marketing initiatives are executed. By leveraging AI, the bank aims to deliver more targeted and impactful marketing strategies, enhancing customer engagement and driving business growth.

Looking ahead, RAKBANK and Microsoft will also explore further potential technical collaborations in areas such as data analytics, and security and privacy solutions.

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