Telecel Ghana Advocates for Cross-Border Mobile Money at Africa Prosperity Network Symposium

Judith Adumua-Bossman of Telecel Ghana promotes seamless mobile money transactions at regional symposium.

Telecel Ghana participated in the Africa Prosperity Network symposium focused on advancing cross-border mobile money interoperability across the continent and beyond. The symposium aimed to foster collaboration among stakeholders to enhance financial inclusion and economic prosperity through mobile financial services.

Judith Adumua-Bossman, Mobile Financial Services Manager at Telecel Ghana, delivered remarks highlighting the importance of breaking down barriers to enable seamless cross-border transactions. She emphasized the potential of mobile money to empower individuals and businesses by providing convenient and accessible financial services.

The symposium convened industry leaders, policymakers, and experts to discuss strategies and initiatives to improve interoperability among mobile money platforms across Africa. Telecel Ghana’s participation underscored its commitment to leveraging technology to enhance financial inclusion and drive economic growth in Ghana and beyond.

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