Veritas Alta Data Protection Launches on Google Cloud Marketplace

Veritas Alta Data Protection now available on Google Cloud Marketplace, enhancing cloud data security and management.

Veritas Technologies, the leader in secure multi-cloud data management, announced a paid listing of Veritas’ Alta Data Protection on the Google Cloud Marketplace. With AI-powered automation to provide complete data protection across any cloud environment at any scale, Veritas Alta Data Protection (ADP) is now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace to allow more customers to benefit from enhanced security measures, data backup, and recovery solutions. 

In today’s fast-growing threat landscape, organisations need to introduce more security solutions than ever before, as cybercriminals are now using sophisticated AI tools to increase the frequency, speed and scale of their attacks. This means cybercrime is not only increasing in numbers, but also in sophistication and complexity. We can address these top concerns by scaling performance and data protection across all applications and environments while leveraging cloud intelligence to enhance cybersecurity and reduce costs. With the availability of Veritas AltaTM Data Protection on Google Cloud Marketplace, organisations can now simplify and automate the process of data protection, storage and recovery while reducing cloud computing costs significantly.

Middle Eastern customers are moving rapidly to cloud infrastructure or asking us about building new, resilient environments within the cloud.  This can be complex, requiring expertise in cloud platforms and tools, but our expanded collaboration with Google Cloud enables our customers to streamline their cloud operations and benefit from scalable, reliable, and cost-effective data management services through Veritas Alta Platform on Google Cloud.

Johnny Karam, Managing Director & Vice President of International Emerging region, Veritas Technologies

For over a decade, Mannai IT Solutions has proudly been a Veritas Certified Platinum Partner, consistently delivering time-tested data protection and cyber resiliency solutions across the region. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has made us a trusted advisor and provider for numerous organisations seeking robust and reliable data management solutions.

As a Google Certified Partner, Mannai ITS is uniquely positioned to leverage the growing adoption of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in Qatar. With the release of Veritas Alta Data Protection (ADP) on GCP, we are thrilled to offer an indispensable solution that ensures the broadest protection for your cloud workloads. This synergy between Veritas and GCP enhances our ability to deliver comprehensive, scalable, and highly secure data protection services.

Juan Leon, Group General Manager, Mannai Corporation QPSC

Veritas shares a few years of collaboration with Google Cloud, allowing customers to meet increasingly stricter backup, disaster recovery, ransomware protection, archiving, migration and application resiliency objectives. These solutions are designed to address the increasing challenges of data sprawl, cybersecurity threats, and compliance requirements, providing a comprehensive approach to data management and protection. 

Bringing Veritas ADP to Google Cloud Marketplace will help customers quickly deploy, manage, and grow the cyber resiliency data protection solution on Google Cloud’s trusted, global infrastructure. Veritas can now securely scale and support customers on their digital transformation journey.

Dai Vu, Managing Director, Marketplace & ISV GTM Program, Google Cloud

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