Orange Jordan Launches EKYC Digital Self-Registration Service

Orange Jordan introduces EKYC system for secure, remote prepaid mobile line registration, enhancing customer convenience.

As part of its continuous endeavors to contribute to the digital transformation vision in the Kingdom and provide its customers with the highest quality services aligning with the best practices, Orange Jordan announced the launch of the all-new digital self-registration service using “Electronic Know Your Customer”- (EKYC) system. The service, introduced to customers for the first time in the Kingdom, was launched after obtaining the required license from the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC).

This service will enable customers, seamlessly and safely, to electronically subscribe and authenticate prepaid mobile lines, using the approved documents needed to prove identity or through the “SANAD” application, the official gateway to digital government services and digital identity in Jordan. Subscribers can verify their identity and complete the service activation process remotely without the need to physically pay a visit to the shops or points of sale. Orange has already started the implementation of the new service in multiple points of sale.

The new service is in complete alignment with Orange Jordan’s positioning as the Responsible Digital Leader. It will allow customers to complete online transactions and authentication processes in a more secure and efficient way from anywhere at any time.

Commenting on this new digital milestone that will accelerate customers’ transactions, Orange Jordan underscored its pride in being the first telecom operator in the Kingdom to launch such a revolutionary service. Using it, customers and subscribers will be electronically verifying the documents eliminating the need of physical attendance at the shops or points of sale to submit the required documents. The service is based on cutting-edge technologies, such as digital signatures and encrypted platforms, to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of authorized and verified documents.

Orange Jordan further elaborated that this service comes as a result of joint work and concerted efforts with the concerned governmental institutions and private sector companies to develop the best solutions taking the needs of customers to unprecedented levels, which will be in turn reflected on the scene as a whole in the Kingdom.

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