Vodacom Business Launches Sales Conference to Empower Teams

Vodacom Business launches Sales Conference at Vodacom World, focusing on knowledge, motivation, and strategic growth.

Vodacom Business has launched the eagerly awaited Sales Conference at Vodacom World. This landmark event brings together #Trailblazers to be inspired by a lineup of distinguished keynote speakers.

This year’s conference focuses on empowering sales teams with the critical knowledge, motivation, and resources necessary to drive revenue growth and achieve organizational success. The atmosphere is electric as Dr. Ntombi Mhangwani (PhD), EHOD: Vodacom Business Marketing, warmly welcomes delegates and sets the tone for the day, celebrating 30 years of Collective Brilliance.

If we work together, we can achieve anything.

Shameel Joosub, Group CEO, Vodacom

Peter Malebye, Chief of Sales, highlighted the conference’s specific objectives, underscoring the critical actions necessary to fulfill commitments to customers. This strategic overview ensures alignment with the mission and objectives.

The day commenced with an exploration of what Collective Brilliance truly means. CEO Sitho Mdlalose guided #Trailblazers through a visionary journey of Vodacom Business’s future under the mantra of #GoingFurtherTogether. His insights set a forward-thinking tone for the event.

Adding to the momentum, newly appointed Vodacom Business Director Videsha Proothveerajh discussed the vital role of digital innovation and agility in collaborative efforts. Her perspective highlighted how these elements are crucial to achieving Collective Brilliance.

Moving forward, this Sales Conference aims to inspire, equip, and unite teams, reinforcing a commitment to excellence and collective growth. Together, reaching new heights and continuing to deliver exceptional value to customers is within grasp.

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