TelCables South Africa Upgrades Network Capacity to 800 Gbps

TelCables boosts backbone capacity to 800 Gbps, enhancing connectivity and perfor growing data demands.

TelCables South Africa has announced a significant upgrade to its backbone network, increasing its capacity from 500 Gbps to 800 Gbps. This enhancement is designed to accommodate the rapidly growing volumes of data traffic and provide more seamless connectivity and better performance for businesses. The upgrade is a strategic move to meet the increasing demand for effective management of SD-WAN, Cloud, and data traffic requirements.

Mahen Naidu, the Director of Enterprise Solutions at TelCables South Africa, emphasized the substantial benefits of these network improvements. According to Naidu, the upgrades will provide local Internet service providers, content distribution networks, and both African and international operators with enhanced flexibility, scalability, and capacity to manage their connectivity and IP service needs more efficiently.

The network enhancements will now offer customers 100GE capabilities, allowing companies to expand their networks further, increase their customer base, and reconfigure traffic flows as needed without disrupting network traffic or incurring multiple cross-connection fees. This development marks a significant step forward in TelCables South Africa’s commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable connectivity solutions in response to the evolving demands of the digital landscape.

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