Safaricom Ethiopia CEO’s Visit to Bahir Dar Strengthens Regional Partnerships

Wim Vanhelleputte’s visit bolsters expansion efforts and smart city initiatives through key regional discussions.

Safaricom Ethiopia’s CEO, Wim Vanhelleputte, visited Bahir Dar today, engaging in a series of productive discussions aimed at bolstering the company’s expansion efforts in the region. During his visit, Vanhelleputte met with Abdu Hussain, Vice President of the Amhara region, who pledged strong support for Safaricom Ethiopia’s growth initiatives.

In addition to his discussions with regional leadership, Vanhelleputte also held a meeting with Mayor Goshu Endalamahu. The Mayor emphasized the pivotal role of Safaricom Ethiopia in the transformation of Bahir Dar into a smart city, highlighting the company’s contributions to the city’s technological and infrastructural advancements.

Vanhelleputte’s visit also included an opportunity to connect with the local Safaricom Ethiopia team and explore the market dynamics firsthand. This visit underscores Safaricom Ethiopia’s commitment to fostering regional partnerships and driving technological innovation in Bahir Dar and beyond.

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