HPE and NVIDIA Launch AI Enablement Program to Empower Partners and Drive Innovation

Hewlett Packard Enterprise partners with NVIDIA, enhancing AI skills and sustainability solutions for growth.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has teamed up with NVIDIA to launch an ambitious AI enablement program aimed at empowering its partners with enhanced skills and resources. This initiative, integrated into the new NVIDIA AI Computing by HPE portfolio, introduces a range of comprehensive offerings. Key components include AI acceleration workshops, skills development programs, and certifications accessible through HPE Tech Pro. These resources are designed to equip HPE’s enterprise partners with the necessary tools to advance their capabilities across AI, compute, storage, networking, hybrid cloud, and sustainability solutions. The program underscores HPE’s commitment to fostering innovation and enabling partners to deliver robust, end-to-end AI solutions to their clientele.

In addition to the AI enablement initiatives, HPE has bolstered its Partner Ready Vantage program with strategic updates. These enhancements are geared towards boosting profitability and expanding service offerings for partners. Notable additions include new competencies in HPE Aruba Networking Security Service Edge, designed to integrate applications like Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Secure Web Gateway (SWG) into a cohesive SSE solution. Furthermore, the HPE Solutions for Sustainability competency equips partners to address IT sustainability metrics effectively, leveraging technologies such as direct liquid cooling and AI-driven insights to minimize carbon emissions.

These initiatives reflect HPE’s ongoing commitment to enhancing partner ecosystems, driving growth in hybrid cloud environments, and promoting sustainable technology solutions across industries.

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