Afrimoney and PYYPL Launch Exclusive Visa Card for Seamless Mobile Wallet Integration

Afrimoney introduces Visa card merging mobile wallet with global access, praised for accessibility initiative.

Afrimoney has announced a collaboration with PYYPL, introducing a new Visa Card that integrates seamlessly with Afrimoney’s mobile service. This innovative card offers users the flexibility of a virtual or personalized physical card for effortless local and international transactions between their Afrimoney Wallet and the PYYPL card.

The launch event, attended by Africell Group Chairman and Founder Mr. Ziad Dalloul, AfricellSL CEO and MD Mr. Shadi Gerjawi, AfrimoneySL Managing Director Mr. Martison Obeng-Agyei, along with Africell Sierra Leone Management team, the Chief Minister, other Honorable Ministers, media representatives, and esteemed guests, showcased the strategic importance of this partnership.

Martison Obeng-Agyei, Afrimoney’s Managing Director, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting how it blends Mobile Money with Visa Card functionalities to provide global access to services without requiring a traditional bank account, all through the Afrimoney mobile wallet.

Chief Minister Moinina David Sengeh praised Afrimoney for this initiative, recognizing it as a significant milestone for the country’s development. Minister of Communication, Technology, and Innovation Salima Monorma Bah reiterated Afrimoney’s role in enhancing financial accessibility and convenience.

PYYPL representative Mohamed Bah outlined the user-friendly registration process, emphasizing the simplicity of using just a National ID Card or passport and an Africell number for seamless and free transfers, regardless of the amount.

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