EXA Infrastructure and SOCAR Fiber Partner for New Fibre Optic Route in Türkiye

EXA Infrastructure and SOCAR Fiber to develop a new 1850km terrestrial fibre optic route across Türkiye, enhancing digital connectivity.

EXA Infrastructure, the largest dedicated digital infrastructure platform throughout Europe, connecting North America and Asia via the Middle East, has signed a strategic partnership with SOCAR Fiber to develop a new terrestrial fibre optic route that will provide diversity to the traditional Red Sea corridor used by Submarine cables.

The new 1850km route will span the breadth of Türkiye, between Greece and Georgia, and contemplates further construction towards the Iraq border to provide connectivity into the Gulf region. The partnership between EXA Infrastructure and SOCAR Fiber highlights Türkiye’s role in the digital ecosystem and the importance of diverse digital corridors between Europe and the Middle East and Asia. The SOCAR Fiber cables are buried adjacent to the TANAP gas pipeline, providing exceptionally high levels of reliability, and integrates seamlessly with EXA’s Trans Adriatic Express network which utilises the TAP gas pipeline to Italy.

Terrestrial routes in the region have been an important area of development across the industry for several years, but these have now become a priority. The vulnerability in the Red Sea region has shown that the industry needs more investment in diversity. We are committed to investing in route diversity and ensuring our customers can access Europe and North America with as many secure paths as possible, and this partnership with SOCAR provides an ultra reliable and highly scalable  alternative to the Red Sea into Turkey and the rest of Europe.

Steve Roberts, SVP of Network Investments, EXA Infrastructure

SOCAR Fiber is a subsidiary of SOCAR Türkiye. Since 2013, it has been providing secure electronic communication infrastructure services over its 1,850 km long fiber optic infrastructure along the TANAP Natural Gas Pipeline route. This fiber optic line, which spans Türkiye from east to west, serves 20 provinces and 67 districts. The cooperation agreement with EXA Infrastructure strengthens SOCAR Fiber’s position in the sector, and the company will continue to significantly contribute to Türkiye’s digital transformation in the future. In addition to leasing a pair of fiber optic cable ends, the agreement allows EXA Infrastructure to market other cable ends of SOCAR Fiber to major global data center operators.

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