Zambia Embarks on AI Initiative, Collaborates with Global Partners for Strategic Framework

Zambia pioneers AI strategy with Tony Blair Institute, EU collaboration, aiming for transformative national development.

In a groundbreaking announcement on X, Minister of Science and Technology Felix Mutati revealed Zambia’s ambitious plans to establish an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Framework. Speaking at the official launch of the Future of AI in Africa Conference in Lusaka, Mutati outlined the government’s strategic initiatives aimed at integrating AI into national development.

Mutati disclosed that Zambia is currently collaborating with the Tony Blair Institute to formulate a comprehensive AI Strategy. Additionally, partnerships with the European Union are underway to draft a Start-up Bill, fostering an environment conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Highlighting the pivotal role of legislation in advancing AI deployment, Mutati emphasized ongoing revisions to the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Act. These revisions are poised to bolster cybersecurity measures essential for the safe and effective implementation of AI technologies across various sectors.

Sarah Luyele Njamu, CEO of Compu-Connect Education Group and organizer of the conference, underscored Zambia’s advantageous position due to its youthful demographic dividend. She stressed the transformative potential of AI in catalyzing economic growth, enhancing healthcare and education systems, and driving sustainable development.

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