Hormuud Telecom Joins GSMA to Enhance Humanitarian Connectivity in Somalia

GSMA welcomes Hormuud Telecom to Humanitarian Connectivity Charter, boosting disaster response and resilience efforts.

The GSMA has announced a partnership with Hormuud Telecom, marking the telecom giant as the newest signatory to the GSMA Humanitarian Connectivity Charter (HCC). This charter is designed to empower mobile industry leaders to effectively respond to sudden emergencies, ensuring vital connectivity remains intact during crises.

Mobile networks play a crucial role in disaster management, from delivering early warning messages to facilitating emergency responses that support affected communities. Launched in 2015, the HCC establishes essential principles and best practices for mobile network operators (MNOs) to prepare for, respond to, and recover from sudden onset emergencies.

Somalia, facing severe climate-related disasters, has seen seven million people in urgent need of humanitarian aid. Hormuud Telecom’s commitment to the HCC underscores its dedication to leveraging mobile technology to enhance disaster preparedness and response efforts across the region.

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