Stitch Partners with Absa Group to Enhance Payment Solutions for Merchants

Stitch teams up with Absa Group to integrate Absa Pay API, enhancing payment processes for merchants.

Stitch has announced a new partnership with Absa Group to introduce the Absa Pay API to our merchants. This collaboration will enable enterprise businesses to accept payments seamlessly via Absa Pay, Capitec Pay, and Nedbank Direct EFT through Stitch Pay by bank.

With the integration of the Absa Pay API, Absa customers can now make direct payments from their Absa online banking app using Stitch. This development promises quicker and easier payment processes for consumers, significantly reducing processing times and operational costs for merchants.

For existing Stitch clients, integrating Absa Pay alongside other Stitch payment methods is straightforward and requires no extensive additional development work. New Stitch customers will also find it easy to combine Absa Pay with other online payment methods, enhancing their payment solution offerings and providing a more streamlined experience for their customers.

This partnership underscores Stitch’s commitment to providing innovative and efficient payment solutions, further simplifying the payment process for both merchants and consumers.

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