Fortender to Revolutionize SIBCA’s Procurement Efficiency

Techarabia’s Fortender will streamline SIBCA’s procurement, enhancing efficiency, transparency, and cost savings while strengthening supplier relationships.

Techarabia Information Systems, a Dubai-based provider of innovative software solutions, announced that  SIBCA, a  leading provider of  integrated building systems and solutions headquarted in Abu Dhabi will be using Fortender for all its future e-tendering and procurement requirements.  Fortender will allow SIBCA to document and publish their future procurement requirements while their vendors will be able to receive invitations to bid for SIBCA’s requirements within the platform.

Fortender, will provide SIBCA the ability to respond to evolving market conditions and capitalize on new opportunities, by significantly streamlining and speeding up their procurement process while at the same time obtaining best prices from their existing and future vendors. Fortender’s technology will drive automation and process optimization, empowering the business to focus its resources on customer-centricity while reducing operational costs.

Using Fortender will enable SIBCA to:

  • Streamline Procurement Processes: Automate tasks, minimize errors, and accelerate procurement.
  • Ensure Transparency and Compliance: Meet regulatory requirements and keep a clear audit trail.
  • Drive Cost Efficiency: Utilize bidding and supplier analytics effectively, leading to save costs.
  • Strengthen Supplier Relationships: Provide better collaboration with suppliers through a centralized platform.

We’re excited to partner with SIBCA! We’re certain that Fortender’s cutting-edge features and intuitive interface will be enhance and fast track SIBCA’s procurement and tendering process.

Abdelrahman Almulla, Co-founder, Techarabia Information Systems

We’re always looking for innovative solutions to elevate our operations and deliver better value to clients. Fortender is such a game-changer in the world of tendering and procurement, and we look forward to working with Techarabia.

Ibrahim Lari, Chairman, SIBCA

Fortender’s implementation at SIBCA will commence immediately, backed by Techarabia’s thorough training and support to ensure full utilization of Fortender’s features and advanced capabilities.  Vendor registrations have already commenced enabling SIBCA’s vendors to start receiving tenders and RFQs immediately.

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