Ooredoo Kuwait Introduces Inclusive Roaming E-SIM for Travelers

Ooredoo Kuwait’s new roaming E-SIM enhances connectivity and convenience for all travelers, regardless of provider.

Ooredoo Kuwait, a leader in integrated telecommunications services, has launched innovative roaming solutions to support travelers from Kuwait, whether they are Ooredoo customers or not. A key feature is the Ooredoo electronic roaming SIM card (Roaming E-SIM), designed to enhance connectivity and convenience during their travels.

Ooredoo’s roaming e-SIM represents a significant step forward, highlighting the company’s commitment to catering to all segments of society and addressing their diverse travel needs. This inclusive service extends beyond Ooredoo customers to encompass all users, covering a broad spectrum of the community’s needs. The innovative roaming service includes prepaid lines and offers various roaming options through Ooredoo Passport, providing unlimited high-speed internet with validity periods of up to 30 days.

With benefits like extended voice call minutes and free in-flight roaming with participating airline partners, Ooredoo Kuwait’s Passport packages ensure uninterrupted high-quality communication services during vacations. By evolving its offerings, Ooredoo Kuwait aims to upgrade the digital lives of its customers, elevating their experience both in Kuwait and abroad. The launch of the new Roaming E-SIM solution is a testament to Ooredoo’s dedication to convenience and flexibility for all travelers, regardless of their current mobile provider.

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