Zambia Aids National Digital Connectivity with 520 Towers

Zambia to reach 96% phone/internet coverage by 2025 with 520 new towers, boosting online access for rural communities.

Zambia is aiming for nearly nationwide phone and internet access by 2025 with the construction of 520 communication towers.

A joint effort between the government (340 towers) and private sector (180 towers) will bring the total number of towers to 900. This will improve access to online services like government programs (FISP, Social Cash Transfer) especially in rural areas. Upgrading existing 2G towers to 4G will further enhance internet connectivity.

Here in Kabanga, we know you are cattle farmers and we want you to have easy access to the market and buyers using phones. We have brought this tower so that we can help you do business on your phones.

Felix Mutati, Minister of Technology and Science, Zambia

Minister of Technology and Science Felix Mutati highlighted the project’s benefits, including easier market access for farmers and ICT education for students. Lawmakers are involved in identifying priority areas for connection.

The initiative is expected to bridge the digital divide in Zambia, with positive impacts on various sectors like agriculture, education, and social services.

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