Smart Africa and KaiOS Team Up to Bridge Africa’s Digital Divide

Smart Africa and KaiOS join forces to bring affordable internet access and services to Africans.

Smart Africa has signed an agreement with KaiOS Technologies, sparking a strategic partnership aimed at accelerating digital innovation and fostering sustainable development across the African continent. This agreement also marks the official membership of KaiOS Technologies into the Pan-African alliance.

As part of this collaboration, KaiOS and Smart Africa will leverage their combined expertise, resources, and networks to advance digital inclusion. This partnership ensures that previously unconnected citizens gain access to essential digital services such as messaging, news, entertainment, and education through affordable and reliable KaiOS-powered smart feature phones with internet access. The partnership also aims to empower businesses by distributing affordable merchant payment terminals leveraging KaiOS smart feature phone technologies, thereby enabling underserved merchants to accept digital payments and manage their businesses efficiently.

Additionally, the partnership will collaborate with governments to provide guidance to member states, working with existing digital inclusion programs to accelerate current initiatives. This effort will involve engaging with local communities and stakeholders to tailor solutions to specific needs. The focus will be on providing mainstream social media apps, educational resources, training programs, and connected agricultural support to Farmers that will gain access to crucial agricultural information such as weather forecasts, pest and disease management, and market prices. This enables them to make informed decisions, leading to better crop yields and profitability.

Enhancing access to smart devices is pivotal for driving digital transformation. Without them, individuals are left disconnected from the opportunities presented by the digital realm. Therefore, we welcome KaiOS as a new member to support our efforts in tackling the barriers of access and affordability, ensuring inclusivity and empowerment for all.

Lacina Koné, CEO, Smart Africa

We are excited about this partnership as this aims to reduce the digital divide by providing internet-enabled smart feature phones, addressing 2G to 4G migration challenges, and offering access to social, educational, agricultural, and mobile money . Our motto, ‘Enable Tomorrow,’ highlights our commitment to empowering people with the tools needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. Together, we aim to improve education, healthcare, and economic opportunities across Africa.

Dale Strydom, Business Development Director MEA, KaiOS

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