Orange Considers Exiting Mauritius Telecom Market with Potential 40% Stake Sale

French telecom giant, Orange is reportedly weighing selling Mauritius stake, reevaluating African assets.

French telecom giant Orange is considering selling its 40% stake in Mauritius Telecom, the biggest carrier in the island nation, Bloomberg has reported.

This move comes as Orange reevaluates its assets and considers those in Mauritius non-core to its business strategy.

Discussions about a potential exit are underway with advisors, but Orange hasn’t yet approached Mauritius Telecom’s board regarding a share repurchase. A final decision on the sale is expected by November.

Orange’s decision likely stems from a decreased strategic value of the stake. Since rebranding Mauritius Telecom to MyT and losing its brand presence, Orange’s influence in the Mauritian market has diminished. With a minority stake, Orange also has limited control over the company’s direction.pen_spark


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