Es’hailSat Boosts Efficiency with DataMiner Integration

Qatar’s satellite leader Es’hailSat integrates DataMiner’s AI and automation for smarter operations.

In a significant move that underscores Qatar’s growing prominence in the space industry, Es’hailSat, the national satellite company, has announced the integration of new DataMiner services into its operations, building on its years-long partnership with Skyline Communications. This strategic expansion aims to empower Es’hailSat to monitor and manage their satellite operations with unparalleled efficiency and precision.

Es’hailSat has been at the forefront of Qatar’s space initiatives since its inception, playing a pivotal role in delivering advanced satellite services. Central to this success is Es’hailSat’s partnership with Skyline Communications and its DataMiner digital transformation software platform. DataMiner empowers Es’hailSat with a comprehensive overview of their satellite operations, including uplink, downlink, video encoding, and decoding processes, presenting critical data on a single, intuitive interface for streamlined operations. Now, taking their collaboration to the next level, Es’hailSat introduces DataMiner’s automation and AI-assisted capabilities to optimize their operational workflows.

As recognition for the pioneering integration of the DataMiner digital transformation software platform, together with Es’hailSat’s industry-leading teleport services, Es’hailSat was awarded the “Innovation Award” along the sidelines of the recently concluded CABSAT 2024 Conference & Exhibition at Skyline’s “DataMiner Inspire on Tour” event in Dubai, UAE.

Es’hailSat is proud to be at the forefront of Qatar’s space initiatives, and our partnership with Skyline Communications has been integral to our success. DataMiner’s advanced capabilities, like the AI-driven Augmented Operations, help us proactively monitor our infrastructure and services, ensuring seamless connectivity and allowing us to preemptively address operational challenges, while automation enables us to optimize our operational workflows and maintain the highest standards of service delivery.

Yassine Bihi, Teleport Director, Es’hailSat

At Skyline Communications, we are honored to support Es’hailSat in their mission to advance Qatar’s space presence. DataMiner’s robust capabilities enable Es’hailSat to achieve operational excellence and deliver unparalleled satellite services to customers worldwide. And because of the unique, unprecedented vendor- and technology-agnostic nature of DataMiner, Es’hailSat can not only manage its services end to end, but also be assured to leverage the platform for many years to come, irrespective of the changes in the ever faster evolving technology landscape.

Pramod Gupta, Sales Director EMEA & APAC, Skyline Communications

As Es’hailSat continues to push the boundaries of innovation in satellite communications, DataMiner remains a trusted ally, empowering Es’hailSat with the clarity, efficiency, and agility needed to navigate the complexities of the space and satellite industry.

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