ICASA Seeks Public Input on South Africa’s Digital TV Rules

ICASA seeks comments on updating digital TV regulations for the post-analog era.

South Africa’s communications regulator, ICASA, is seeking public comment on how to update the country’s digital television regulations.

The current regulations, established in 2012, guided the switch from analog to digital broadcasting. Now that the transition is complete, ICASA is looking for input on how to adapt the regulations for the new digital landscape, considering factors relevant after the Analog Switch-Off (ASO). This could include areas like spectrum allocation, content regulation, and competition within the digital broadcasting space.

The feedback will help shape the future regulatory framework for digital television in South Africa. ICASA welcomes written contributions from all interested stakeholders, including industry experts, broadcasters, and viewers. Public participation is crucial in ensuring the new regulations promote a thriving digital television environment that benefits all South Africans.

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