Showcasing the Future: Huawei’s AI and Connectivity Solutions at Gitex Africa 2024

Valuable insights into Huawei’s innovative solutions in connectivity, AI integration, and strategic partnerships aimed at fostering digitalization and intelligent solutions.

Gitex Africa 2024 provided a strategic platform for Huawei to showcase its latest innovations and strategies aimed at advancing digital transformation across Africa. In an interview with TechAfrica News, Youssef Boukari,  CTO and Solutions Director at Huawei Northern Africa Enterprise highlighted Huawei’s commitment to leveraging technology to empower businesses and governments, emphasizing the integration of AI and connectivity solutions to address diverse challenges and opportunities. 

Boukari outlined Huawei’s focus on new infrastructure and innovation, emphasizing advancements in AI-integrated products such as StarRiver. These innovations spanned data analysis, cybersecurity, and 5G technologies, underscoring Huawei’s comprehensive approach to enhancing connectivity and digital capabilities across the continent. 

Our main theme is new infrastructure. We’re showcasing our latest products and solutions, particularly our innovations in AI integrated into our StarRiver products. This includes advancements in data analysis, data centers, and data transport. We’re covering the full data lifecycle, including cybersecurity, 5G, and fixed-line 5G innovations. We also have a new ecosystem strategy where we align our products and solutions with our ecosystem partners to bring value to our customers.

Youssef Boukari, CTO and Solutions Director, Northern Africa Enterprise Solutions Department, Huawei 

Discussing Huawei’s role in Africa’s digital transformation journey, Boukari emphasized the importance of strategic vision and partnerships in delivering intelligent solutions. He highlighted Huawei’s involvement in sectors such as public services, education, and infrastructure development across multiple African countries.

Digital transformation requires a clear vision, strategy, and the right tools. Huawei is providing the technology necessary for this transformation. We’re also helping to develop digital skills and talent across Africa. For instance, we’re involved in intelligent solutions for public services in Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire, cloud solutions for education in Tunisia, and innovations in pipeline monitoring in Algeria. We aim to lead and support our customers in the region towards digitalization and intelligent solutions.

Youssef Boukari, CTO and Solutions Director, Northern Africa Enterprise Solutions Department, Huawei 

On the challenges and opportunities in Africa, Boukari acknowledged Africa’s emerging market potential and digital-savvy demographics. He outlined Huawei’s efforts in overcoming challenges such as capital investment and talent development through training programs and strategic partnerships.

Boukari underscored the importance of partnerships in Huawei’s strategy for Africa, emphasizing collaborative efforts with carriers and ecosystem partners to accelerate digital transformation. He cited examples of successful partnerships that have expanded connectivity and facilitated the deployment of digital solutions across the region.

Discussing Huawei’s approach to addressing connectivity challenges in Africa, Boukari highlighted initiatives to deploy reliable networks in rural areas and provide digital solutions for sectors such as energy, healthcare, and education. He emphasized Huawei’s role in enhancing digital infrastructure resilience and supporting diverse digital scenarios.

By focusing on new infrastructure, AI integration, and collaborative initiatives, Huawei continues to play a key role in shaping Africa’s digital future.

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