Yahsat’s Cutting-Edge Satellite Solutions: Thuraya 4-NGS, Skyphone, and Geospatial Integration Spotlighted at Gitex Africa 2024

This nterview highlights Yahsat’s strategic initiatives, partnerships, innovative technologies, and how the company aims to connect underserved regions and bring advanced satellite solutions to various sectors.

At Gitex Africa 2024,  Sulaiman Al Ali, the Chief Commercial Officer of Yahsat and CEO of Thuraya, shared in an interview with TechAfrica News his vision for advancing satellite connectivity across Africa and strengthening their presence in the continent. 

Discussing Yahsat’s rapid expansion in Africa, Al Ali highlighted the company’s commitment to bridging the digital divide and connecting unserved and underserved areas. He noted that YahClick, one of Yahsat’s key services, has become a leading player in the African market due to its deep understanding of regional needs and strategic partnerships. 

“Africa has been a focus for Yahsat from the start. Our aim is to bridge the digital divide and connect the unconnected. YahClick, for example, has proven to be one of the top players in Africa. We understand the market’s needs and have established strong service partnerships across the continent. We recently signed major MOUs with the South African government and a Zimbabwean partner to further extend our reach. Our commitment is to connect unconnected regions within Africa, while also serving over 150 countries worldwide.” 

Sulaiman Al Ali, CCO of Yahsat and CEO of Thuraya

Al Ali emphasized the importance of building a robust network of service providers in Africa, particularly in underserved areas. He explained that local partners play a crucial role in conveying market needs and helping Yahsat tailor their solutions accordingly. By working closely with these partners, Yahsat can deliver customized and effective connectivity solutions that meet the specific requirements of each region. 

Al Ali also discussed the integration of geospatial and AI capabilities through their partnership with Bayanat. He highlighted how this combination enhances Yahsat’s solutions, particularly in sectors such as agriculture and fisheries. This integration is part of Yahsat’s broader strategy to enhance its service offerings and meet future challenges by incorporating advanced technologies into its satellite solutions. 

He also touched on the new Thuraya 4-NGS project, which aims to introduce a comprehensive ecosystem of satellite capabilities. This project will extend coverage in Africa and improve data rates, significantly enhancing Yahsat’s service offerings for land, maritime, and air applications. Al Ali mentioned that the collaboration with Cobham for product and core network development is set to bring 17 new products to the market, addressing the evolving needs of the African market and beyond. 

On the importance of direct-to-device solutions, Al Ali highlighted Yahsat’s Skyphone and Sky SMS services, which allow standard handsets to send SMS to satellites. These solutions are part of Yahsat’s Blue Star strategy, which envisions a full direct-to-device (D2D) constellation in the coming years. Skyphone, already well-received in Africa, ensures connectivity even in remote or disconnected areas, supporting the goal of connecting the unconnected. 

“Direct-to-device is a major trend in the satellite industry. We have joined the Mobile Satellite Service Association to work with key players and optimize spectrum use. Yahsat’s strategy includes launching Skyphone and Sky SMS, allowing standard handsets to send SMS to satellites. Our Blue Star strategy envisions a full D2D constellation in the coming years. Skyphone, already well-received in Africa, provides connectivity even in remote or disconnected areas, ensuring users stay connected.” 

Sulaiman Al Ali, CCO of Yahsat and CEO of Thuraya. 

Yahsat’s comprehensive approach to expanding satellite connectivity and enhancing digital inclusion across Africa is remarkable. By leveraging strategic partnerships, integrating advanced technologies, and focusing on the specific needs of each region, Yahsat is making significant strides in ensuring that underserved areas can benefit from reliable and advanced connectivity solutions.

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