Microsoft’s Strong Stand at Gitex Africa 2024: Showcasing Public Sector Solutions, City Management, and AI Innovations with Partners

The interview provided a comprehensive overview of Microsoft’s vision for Africa, showcasing the company’s commitment to enhancing public sector efficiency and fostering a vibrant startup ecosystem.

At Gitex Africa 2024 in Marrakesh, Kunle Awosika, General Manager for Public Sector Africa at Microsoft, provided a comprehensive look into Microsoft’s strategic initiatives to drive digital transformation across the continent. Awosika emphasized the role of partnerships, the integration of advanced technologies like AI, and the critical importance of startups in fostering economic growth and innovation in Africa.

Microsoft’s presence at the event was notable, with nearly 50 employees and an extensive partner ecosystem showcasing diverse solutions designed to revolutionize public sector operations and city management.

“Microsoft has a significant presence here at Gitex Africa 2024. We’ve come in strong with nearly 50 of our employees and our extensive partner ecosystem. You can see our massive stand right behind me. We’re showcasing various solutions, including our Public Finance solution for governments and our city management solution, the City Huddle. We also have a range of AI solutions from our partners that we’re presenting here.” 

Kunle Awosika, General Manager for Public Sector Africa, Microsoft

A cornerstone of Microsoft’s approach in Africa is its reliance on partnerships to accelerate growth and innovation. Awosika underscored the importance of these collaborations, explaining how Microsoft’s extensive network of local and global partners is essential in delivering solutions tailored to the unique challenges of the African market.

“Partnerships are essential for accelerating growth. Microsoft thrives on partnerships at both the global and local levels, especially in Africa. We’ve built our business through partners, engaging markets, and supporting customers in various sectors such as government, financial services, education, and healthcare. Our partners’ solutions are crucial in driving growth across these sectors.”

Kunle Awosika, General Manager for Public Sector Africa, Microsoft

In the public sector, Microsoft is making significant strides in enhancing government efficiency and service delivery through advanced technological solutions. Awosika highlighted the company’s commitment to supporting governments in digital transformation. 

AI, a key component of Microsoft’s strategy, was a focal point in Awosika’s discussion. He detailed how the company is integrating AI into its public sector solutions to improve operational efficiency and decision-making processes. 

Working with the public sector, particularly in Africa, presents unique challenges. Awosika acknowledged the complexities of outdated systems and fragmented policy environments across the continent. The conversation also highlighted Microsoft’s efforts to support the burgeoning startup ecosystem in Africa. Awosika spoke about the company’s accelerator programs and initiatives to nurture local innovation and entrepreneurial growth. 

Awosika also shared his optimism for the continued digital transformation of Africa, emphasizing the significant opportunities for growth and development. By leveraging partnerships, integrating advanced technologies, and supporting local innovation, Microsoft is set to play a key role in shaping the future of the continent’s public sector and broader ICT ecosystem.

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