Beeline and ZTE unveil Giga City project in Kazakhstan

Beeline Kazakhstan and ZTE have successfully completed the modernization of the operator’s radio access network in the Akmola and Turkestan regions

ZTE Corporation, a global leading provider of integrated information and communication technology solutions, in partnership with Beeline Kazakhstan, a leading player in Kazakhstan’s telecoms industry and a subsidiary of VEON Group, has successfully completed the modernization of the Beeline’s network in the Akmola and Turkestan regions, which lead in traffic consumption and cover 25% of the population of Kazakhstan.

This milestone was celebrated with an official launch event in Astana, titled “Giga City: Accelerating the digitalization of Kazakhstan”.

The project encompassed the modernization of the Beeline’s mobile network in the Akmola region (including Astana) and the Turkestan region (including Shymkent), involving more than 1,800 base stations. Additionally, FDD Massive MIMO technology has been introduced in major cities. The implementation of this solution resulted in substantial 4G throughput growth for subscribers, significantly enhancing services quality. Notably, the modernization project using ZTE equipment was completed ahead of schedule.

“I truly believe that with our strategy of digital operators, we will not only delight our customers with our telecom services like in the GIGA City project, but we will also provide them financial services, entertainment, education, health care and we will not stop there. We would like to thank ZTE for the successful partnership with Beeline Kazakhstan in this radio network modernization project. The high-quality results will help achieve the digitalization goals we have for Kazakhstan.”

Mr. Kaan Terzioglu, Chief Executive Officer of VEON Group

“As an important participant in the digital transformation in Kazakhstan, Beeline has always been at the forefront of introducing innovative products and solutions to improve connectivity and empower people in the digital world. Rapid growth in data traffic consumption continues in Kazakhstan. This requires a more efficient 4G network to meet increasing network capacity demands while delivering a better user experience. The FDD Massive MIMO solution is a right way to optimize the modern 4G network,” 

Mr. Evgeniy Nastradin,  Chief Executive Officer of Beeline

“Kazakhstan is an important market for ZTE Corporation.The Giga City project, implemented in collaboration with Beeline in the Akmola and Turkestan regions, demonstrated our capability to effectively solve complex technical problems on a live network. We organized a comprehensive modernization of the radio network infrastructure, including preparation for its future evolution. This will enable the operator to significantly reduce operating costs due to more energy-efficient equipment and the capability for remote site management. We are committed to accelerating the digitalization of Kazakh society, bringing more digital services to all Kazakh people, and accelerating the country’s digital economic growth in partnership with Beeline.”

Mr. Xu Ziyang, Chief Executive Officer of ZTE Corporation

The event was also attended by representatives of the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation, and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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