Telkom’s Group Revenue Hits R43.23 Billion with Next-Gen Services Leading the Charge

Telkom SA SOC Ltd has released its annual results for the financial year ending 31 March 2024, showcasing a year of notable growth and strategic evolution amidst a challenging economic environment. This analysis delves into Telkom’s performance, its strategic initiatives, and the competitive pressures it faces in the dynamic South African telecom market.

Telkom’s performance in FY2024 has been commendable. The company reported a modest increase in group revenue, up by 1.6% to R43.23 billion, driven by substantial growth in mobile and next-generation services. This aligns with the industry’s shift towards digital and data-centric offerings, positioning Telkom as a significant player in South Africa’s telecom landscape.

Key financial metrics indicate robust growth:

  • Mobile Service Revenue: Increased by 6.8% to R19.03 billion, underpinned by a subscriber base expansion of 11.9% to over 20 million.
  • Next-Generation Revenue: Rose by 7.0% to R34.36 billion, reflecting the company’s successful pivot to modern technologies.
  • NGN Fibre Connectivity Revenue: Impressive growth of 14.5% to R5.63 billion, bolstered by continued investments in fibre infrastructure.
  • EBITDA: Grew by 5.2%, maintaining a strong EBITDA margin of 23.2%, indicative of improved operational efficiencies and cost management.

Strategic Initiatives and Investments

Telkom’s strategic focus on next-generation network (NGN) technologies and fibre connectivity has paid dividends. The company invested R6.1 billion in network expansion and modernization, including significant outlays on spectrum and network resilience. These investments are critical for maintaining competitive edge and service quality in a sector characterized by rapid technological advancements and evolving customer expectations.

Openserve and Mobile Services

Openserve, Telkom’s wholesale division, continued to lead in the fixed connectivity space. Its strategy to boost fibre connectivity resulted in a 10.7% increase in external channel revenue and a 19.8% rise in homes connected. This reinforces Telkom’s market position in providing high-speed broadband services, essential for both retail and enterprise customers.

On the mobile front, Telkom’s aggressive expansion and modernization efforts have translated into a 6.8% rise in mobile service revenue. With mobile data revenue up by 10.6%, Telkom is capitalizing on the growing demand for data services. This is further supported by substantial investments in network infrastructure, including the deployment of over 5,688 lithium-ion batteries and expansion to 7,738 sites, ensuring robust service continuity and coverage.

Competitive Landscape

Telkom operates in a fiercely competitive market dominated by major players like Vodacom and MTN. Despite these pressures, Telkom has managed to carve out a strong niche, particularly in mobile and fibre services. The competitive environment has driven Telkom to continuously innovate and optimize its operations.

  1. Market Share and Subscriber Growth: While Vodacom and MTN have traditionally dominated the mobile space, Telkom’s strategy to focus on data services and affordable mobile offerings has allowed it to grow its subscriber base significantly. The 11.9% growth in mobile subscribers to 20.4 million is a testament to Telkom’s competitive positioning.
  2. Technology and Network Investments: Telkom’s investments in next-generation technologies and network infrastructure are crucial in maintaining its competitive edge. By focusing on fibre and 5G, Telkom is not only enhancing its current offerings but also future-proofing its services against competitors who are also ramping up their digital infrastructure.
  3. Service Differentiation and Cost Management: Telkom’s ability to grow EBITDA and maintain a strong margin amidst economic pressures highlights its operational resilience and effective cost management strategies. This includes the implementation of energy-efficient solutions and network optimization to mitigate the impact of load-shedding and high operational costs.

Challenges and Outlook

Despite the positive performance, Telkom faces several challenges:

  • Economic Pressures: The South African economy remains under strain, with high inflation and energy issues posing ongoing challenges.
  • Competitive Pressures: As the telecom sector becomes increasingly saturated, maintaining growth and market share will require Telkom to continuously innovate and adapt.
  • Technological Evolution: The rapid pace of technological change demands sustained investment in next-generation networks and services to meet rising customer expectations and fend off competition.

Looking ahead, Telkom’s strategy appears sound. The company’s focus on digital infrastructure, combined with its robust network investments and operational efficiency, positions it well to navigate future challenges and capitalize on growth opportunities. The proposed disposal of Swiftnet and the optimization of its property portfolio through Gyro are strategic moves aimed at unlocking shareholder value and strengthening financial stability.


In conclusion, Telkom SA SOC Ltd has demonstrated strong resilience and strategic foresight in FY2024. The company’s ability to grow revenue and expand its service offerings amidst a challenging economic backdrop and intense competition speaks volumes about its operational capabilities and market positioning. As Telkom continues to innovate and invest in next-generation technologies, it remains well-placed to thrive in South Africa’s evolving telecom landscape.

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