Orange Business’ Commitment to Africa: Revolutionizing ICT with Cutting-Edge Solutions

An overview of the dynamic changes shaping the ICT industry in Africa and the key role of Orange Business in facilitating digital transformation in the continent.

In a candid conversation with Tech Africa News, Rym Shanoun, the CEO of Orange Business Morocco detailed how the pandemic accelerated digitalization and brought new challenges and opportunities to the forefront, emphasizing the need for robust solutions and collaborative innovation.

Shanoun highlighted how the rapid shift towards digitalization has led to significant changes in enterprise operations. 

Digital transformation has really accelerated after the COVID crisis. We see new ways of working and the digitalization of enterprises, but this also brings challenges like cybersecurity attacks. Topics like moving to the cloud, leveraging data, and generative AI are very complex and coming fast. Many companies are not prepared for these changes. This is where Orange Business steps in to help them navigate this fast-paced digital transformation.

—Rym Shanoun, CEO, Orange Business Morocco

Orange Business, with its extensive network of 30,000 experts, has been at the forefront of guiding businesses through this complex landscape. They play a crucial role in supporting companies through their digital transformation journey by providing comprehensive solutions and expertise across key areas such as cybersecurity, cloud services, and AI.

The conversation also delved into the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI), particularly in African markets where digital transformation is essential for economic growth. Shanoun emphasized that while AI offers significant opportunities, many companies are not yet prepared to harness its full potential. 

Orange Business offers two main solutions to address this. The first is a turnkey, simple, and packaged solution developed in partnership with Lon, a French startup. It includes secure infrastructure, Nvidia GPUs for computation, and AI algorithms, all offered at a monthly fee. This is ideal for companies without extensive IT resources. The second solution caters to more mature companies. It provides a trusted AI infrastructure where businesses can integrate their data and models. We also offer training to help companies adapt to these new technologies, transforming their way of working.

—Rym Shanoun, CEO, Orange Business Morocco

Reflecting on the significance of Gitex Africa 2024, Shanoun highlighted the event’s role in fostering innovation and collaboration within the ICT sector. With approximately 1,800 exhibitors and 50,000 visitors, the event served as a vibrant hub for exploring new technologies and engaging with industry leaders. 

She also emphasized the critical role of startups in driving innovation within the ICT industry. Shanoun explained that large companies cannot rely solely on internal resources for innovation and must collaborate with startups to bring fresh ideas and solutions to the market. 

As Africa continues to navigate the challenges of digitalization, Orange Business remains a key player in facilitating this transformative journey, providing the tools and expertise needed to thrive in a digitally driven world.

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