Namibia Approves Spaceport Project Led by Q-KON Namibia

Eos Capital reportedly approves Namibia’s first spaceport project focusing on satellite communication and observation.

Eos Capital, the managers of the Namibia Infrastructure Development and Investment Fund (NIDIF), have reportedly given the green light to the Namibia Spaceport project. This groundbreaking initiative, reportedly led by Q-KON Namibia, represents a major advancement for the country.

The spaceport will initially reportedly concentrate on ground gateway terminal hosting, providing critical infrastructure for satellite communications. Additionally, it will reportedly offer Earth observation (EO) downlink services, facilitating the collection of vital data from space.

Furthermore, the facility will reportedly support tracking, telemetry, and control (TT&C) operations, ensuring the efficient management and monitoring of satellites. This project marks a significant step forward in Namibia’s space capabilities and technological growth.

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