Protei’s Role in  Enhancing Telecom Infrastructure in North Africa

At GITEX Africa, Mohammed Jalal, the Managing Director for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) at Protei had a chat with TechAfrica News. He provided a comprehensive overview of the company’s initiatives and achievements in the region. Jalal painted a picture of a company deeply committed to driving technological advancement and connectivity across North Africa in a conversation that spanned from Protei’s establishment to its current efforts.

Protei’s journey in the MENA region began in 2009 when it established its Middle East Branch in Oman. Since then, the company has significantly expanded its footprint, particularly across the Middle East, the Levant, and North Africa. 

In North Africa, Protei has established itself as a pivotal player by offering a range of innovative solutions tailored to the specific needs of the region’s telecom operators. Jalal detailed Protei’s comprehensive roaming management solutions, which include advanced Database Integration (DBI) and a robust suite of messaging services. These services are crucial for operators looking to enhance their operational efficiency and service reliability. 

One of the key features of Protei’s offerings is its ability to integrate multiple tools that streamline operations and open up new revenue streams for operators. This is particularly evident in their roaming management solutions, which Jalal described as both innovative and reliable.

 “Our roaming management solution integrates multiple useful and revenue-generating tools for operators. For DBI, we have developed innovative and stable modular solutions. Our BCRF (Billing and Charging for Roaming Framework) is also innovative and highly reliable. Similarly, in messaging, we offer a suite of products that cover all messaging functionalities, including SMS, location-based services, and MMS.”

—Mohammed Jalal, Managing Director for MENA,  Protei

Protei’s product portfolio is vast and diverse, encompassing over 100 unique products. What started with signaling solutions has now expanded into various business lines, including roaming, messaging, data charging, customer care, core network solutions, and platforms for Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs). This wide array of offerings demonstrates Protei’s commitment to supporting telecom operators with comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions. 

Protei’s influence in North Africa is already substantial, with operations in Tunisia, Mauritania, and Sudan, and several potential projects on the horizon. This expansion reflects Protei’s broader goal of enhancing digital connectivity and driving technological transformation across the region.

As Protei continues to expand and influence the region, it remains a key player in the ongoing digital transformation of North Africa. 

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