Comarch and du Partner to Transform Network Management in UAE

Comarch and du sign a major contract to revamp du’s OSS, enhancing network efficiency and agility.

Comarch and du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), have signed a major contract to revamp the UAE-based company’s network inventory and topology management. The contract covers resource inventory and catalog, OSS auto-discovery and reconciliation, and OSS mediation. The system is operational and serves as the du network’s core inventory.

In pursuit of operational and service excellence, a pillar of du’s strategic goals, Comarch and du have launched a partnership that aims to transform the current OSS into one that is more agile and flexible by incorporating the latest paradigms of infrastructure automation, asset management, and dynamic near real-time infrastructure topology stitching and refresh.

We selected Comarch as our partner primarily due to their comprehensive OSS portfolio, collaborative approach, and high level of expertise necessary to accomplish this digital transformation. The successful implementation of this solution brings us closer to achieving du’s strategic vision of digital agility, reduces our time to market, and empowers us to deploy emerging technologies faster than ever before.

Saleem Alblooshi, Chief Technology Officer, du

The Comarch solution consists of commercial off-the-shelf modules selected from the Comarch OSS portfolio. These modules are part of Resource Management – a product line providing a wide range of solutions for telecommunication operators to manage all kinds of logical and physical resources that build their network environment. Comarch’s innovative multi-vendor, multi-technology inventory for du covers the following domains: RAN 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G, transport (SDM, WDM, IP), mobile and fixed core, fixed access (GPON, ethernet) and passive components. Recently, Comarch has also added data center management and virtualization to the product’s features.

A clear overview of all the network elements and their configuration, intuitive wizards, and data collected during the migration and reconciliation process improve operational management significantly, while the auto-discovery and reconciliation module gives du a clear overview of all network elements and their configuration. All this is possible thanks to reliable and up-to-date data from live network elements and vendor-specific network management systems. The system continually stays up to date because of annual improvements. This ensures that the most recent vendor releases in the du ecosystem are supported and usable.

Cost savings in network inventory and operation, synergy in tracking new assets, simplification of planning processes and tools, shorter time to market, automation of new network technology, better use of network resources, and simplification of the IT environment are just some of the many benefits of this OSS transformation.  The main advantage of the product, however, is the reporting and analytical BI Point, which allows current information about the usage of network resources, site development, and data quality measures to be monitored, as well as past data from these areas to be viewed.

The goal of du was to transform their current OSS to a more agile one, with increased operational efficiency, improved customer experience, and flexible management of the production environment. Our comprehensive OSS portfolio allows us to provide du with modules that enable increased automation and standardization, and will support the customer in rolling out new technologies such as 5G and NFV, enhance their data synchronization and integrity, and reduce the costs of creating and operating the transport network.

Paweł Workiewicz, Head of Business Development Division, APAC&MEA

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