CABSAT 2024 POST EVENT RECAP: Propelling Media and Entertainment into the Future

TechAfrica News editorial team is bringing you the event recap of the 30th edition of Cabsat.

The 30th edition of CABSAT, the premier conference for the broadcast, satellite, content creation, production, distribution, and entertainment sectors, wrapped up successfully on May 23, 2024. Organized by the Dubai World Trade Centre, this year’s event witnessed an impressive turnout, setting new records in attendance and participation. The event hosted over 18,000 attendees and featured announcements of strategic partnerships and Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) among exhibiting companies. The conference highlighted emerging technologies and trends while fostering insightful discussions on the industry’s future.

Once again, TechAfrica News was present on the ground, observing the dynamic advancements in the media and entertainment industry across the region. The role of satellite technology remains pivotal as it adapts to the evolving industry. The increasing demand for over-the-top (OTT) services, driven by increased content consumption, was evident, impacting everything from streaming service providers to technology and analytics firms.

CABSAT 2024 showcased innovations and demonstrated how the industry is transforming to meet new challenges and opportunities. The event highlighted how satellite technology continues to be an essential backbone for connectivity, while the surge in OTT services signifies a shift towards more dynamic and consumer-driven content delivery models. It was inspiring to see the industry come together to explore these emerging trends and foster collaborations that will shape the future of media.

Akim Benamara, Founder and Chief Editor, TechAfrica News 

Across the three days, CABSAT 2024 showcased a remarkable line-up of speakers for its conference events, including the Content Congress and SATExpo Summit. These discussions provided significant opportunities for attendees to learn about cutting-edge technologies and solutions that are revolutionizing the media and entertainment landscape.

Satellite Technology

CABSAT 2024 emphasized the critical role of satellite technology in the media and entertainment sector, particularly in ensuring connectivity and content delivery. The event brought together regional and global leaders in satellite and space technology for in-depth discussions on various aspects of the industry, including global launch and manufacturing markets, future trends, business strategies, and the impact of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence.

Key discussions highlighted the evolution of satellite technology, emphasizing its increasing importance in a world that is becoming more reliant on reliable and extensive connectivity. Participants explored how satellite technology is expanding internet access, supporting broadcasting, and enhancing emergency response capabilities in remote areas where traditional infrastructure is lacking.

The conference also delved into the challenges and opportunities in the satellite sector, including the need for sustainable practices, the potential of satellite constellations to provide global coverage, and the integration of satellite services with other technologies to create more resilient and versatile communication networks. The influence of AI in optimizing satellite operations, improving data analytics, and enhancing predictive maintenance was a key point of discussion, pointing to a future where AI-driven solutions will be central to the industry’s growth.

Rise of OTT Services

Another significant focus at CABSAT 2024 was the rising demand for over-the-top (OTT) platforms, a trend driven by a surge in digital content consumption. Projections indicate that by the end of 2024, 44.9% of global internet users will engage with OTT content, a trend that describes the growing reliance on satellite technology to meet the increasing demand for high-quality, uninterrupted streaming services. 

The event highlighted the rapid expansion of OTT services as consumers increasingly prefer on-demand, internet-based content over traditional broadcast methods. Industry experts discussed how OTT platforms are revolutionizing content delivery by providing more personalized and flexible viewing experiences. They also examined the business models emerging in the OTT space, such as subscription services, advertising-based platforms, and hybrid approaches that combine multiple revenue streams to cater to diverse consumer preferences.

The conference also addressed the challenges facing the OTT sector, including content security, the need for a robust infrastructure to support high-quality streaming, and the complexities of navigating global content regulations. 

Our Conversations with Industry Experts & Exhibitors 

At CABSAT 2024, TechAfrica News had the privilege of engaging with several key industry leaders who are driving significant advancements in the African and Middle Eastern media and entertainment markets. We were thrilled to meet and speak with individuals whose contributions are making a tremendous impact across these regions. Here are some highlights from our exclusive interviews: 

ST Engineering iDirect on the role of satellite technology in bridging the digital divide

We had the opportunity to speak with Emma Park, Senior VP of Market and Growth Strategy at ST Engineering iDirect, about their latest innovations in satellite technology. Park introduced their new platform, Intuition, which promises to revolutionize satellite networking by integrating multi-orbit, standard-based, virtualized, and cloud-based functionalities.

When asked about the role of satellite technology in bridging the digital divide, Park highlighted their Skyflow project, which provides IP-based content distribution to remote areas, such as rural communities in Peru. This initiative is not only transforming access to education and information but is also a potential game-changer for similar regions in Africa. 

Skyflow is a good testimony of how the private sector can come together to help to connect the unconnected and at the end of the day leave no one behind….We have a lot of interest from different governments, and entities across the world and how we can help them deliver that content that all-important content to the rural areas.

Emma Park, Senior VP of Market and Growth Strategy,  ST Engineering iDirect

Intelsat’s Approach to Telco Infrastructure

Saher Abudaqar, Managing Director MENA at Intelsat perspective underscores the critical role of satellite technology in ensuring connectivity and resilience, particularly in regions prone to disruptions. His insights will undoubtedly inform strategic decisions in the telecommunications sector, guiding efforts to enhance network capabilities and address emerging challenges. 

To future-proof telecommunications infrastructure, resilience against natural disasters and evolving technologies is essential. We advocate for multi-stakeholder involvement and the integration of hybrid technologies, such as terrestrial and satellite networks, to ensure agility and adaptability in meeting evolving demands.

Saher Abudaqar, Managing Director MENA, Intelsat

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It was such an enlightening and insightful time at CABSAT 2024. We explored the cutting-edge technologies and pivotal discussions shaping the future of the industry. At TechAfrica News, we remain committed to bringing comprehensive coverage of such events.

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