Telecom Giants Unite to Launch Virtual Command Centers for Disaster Recovery

Fourteen telecom leaders, including Intersec, create Virtual Command Centers to enhance disaster management and connectivity.

In response to the increasing frequency and severity of natural and man-made disasters, fourteen leading companies in the telecom industry, including Intersec, have joined forces to power Virtual Command Centers (VCC) for Disaster Recovery. The VCC is a virtual environment designed to assist public authorities and organizations in managing emergencies with minimal human intervention, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity even in areas with infrastructure damage. 

As part of the TM Forum’s Catalysts program, Antel, Celfocus, Chunghwa Telecom, Cognizant, ESRI, Futurewei, Infosim, Intersec, MTN, NTT, Orange, TIM, Ubiqube, and Verizon have pooled their expertise and resources to develop the VCC platform, committed to leveraging technology for societal benefit. 

The VCC platform integrates various technologies, including autonomous networks, artificial intelligence, and digital twins, to provide emergency services with uninterrupted access to critical data and expedite response times. By enhancing situational awareness and facilitating consistent decision-making processes, the VCC aims to streamline operations and optimize resource allocation during emergencies. 

Intersec contributes its expertise in real-time location intelligence and mass alerting capabilities to the catalyst team. Leveraging mobility data-driven tools, Intersec empowers public safety stakeholders with access to dynamic features such as real-time population heatmaps, live data layering, alert monitoring functions, and geotargeted mass notifications. 

Our mission-critical communication solutions now cover 400 million people in 18 countries. We are honored and excited to apply our experience in crisis management to further bolster safety and security within communities. 

Sébastien Synold, Product Manager

The VCC project will be showcased by the participating companies at the upcoming TM Forum’s DTW24 Ignite conference in Copenhagen from June 18 to 20 2024. The consortium also hopes to win an innovation award in the Tech for Good category to highlight the societal impact and humanitarian value of the sector’s technological advancements.

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