SABEN South Africa Connects 600,000 Students, Joins Global Education Conference in France

SABEN connects 600,000 students in 50+ colleges, showcasing their digital education success at TNC24.

SABEN, a leading non-profit public beneficiary organisation in South Africa, has announced a significant milestone: connecting over 600,000 students across more than 50 colleges and educational institutions.

Under the leadership of General Manager Garth Scholtz, SABEN has become an industry leader in technology and digital transformation within the education sector.

This week, Scholtz, along with Operations Manager Alycia Andrews and Finance Manager Keenan Moss, will represent SABEN at a Global conference in Rennes, France. The largest and most prestigious research and education networking conference, TNC24 attracts a truly diverse audience of over 800 participants from more than 70 countries, representing national and regional research and education networks, schools and universities, technology providers, and many of the world’s most exciting scientific projects. By bringing together decision-makers, networking and security specialists, identity and access management experts, researchers, academics and students, TNC24 offers a unique collaborative experience.

Since its inception, SABEN has been committed to bridging the digital divide in South Africa. By providing robust digital infrastructure and fostering technological integration in educational institutions, SABEN has transformed the learning experiences of hundreds of thousands of students. This network allows students from diverse backgrounds to access quality education and resources, preparing them for a competitive global market.

SABEN’s success is built on strategic partnerships with tech giants like MTN, Liquid Technologies and other technology partners. These collaborations have been key in deploying innovative solutions that enhance teaching and learning processes. By leveraging advanced technologies, SABEN ensures that South African students and educators remain at the forefront of the digital revolution.

Garth Scholtz’s visionary leadership and understanding of the education sector’s challenges and opportunities have driven SABEN’s initiatives. His dedication to digital transformation and ability to forge impactful partnerships have been crucial in SABEN’s success.

The invitation to the global conference in Rennes, France, is a testament to SABEN’s exceptional work and growing influence. The conference serves as a platform for sharing insights, innovations, and best practices in technology and education. Scholtz and his team’s participation underscores SABEN’s role as a thought leader and innovator in the field.

We are honored to represent South Africa and share our journey at this prestigious event. Our mission at SABEN has always been to empower students and educators through technology. This conference is an excellent opportunity to showcase our achievements, learn from global counterparts, and further our vision of a digitally inclusive education system.

Garth Scholtz, General Manager, SABEN

SABEN’s journey from a regional initiative to a global exemplar in digital education underscores its commitment to innovation and excellence. As it continues to break new ground, SABEN remains dedicated to transforming education in South Africa and beyond.

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