Canal+ and MultiChoice Issues Crucial Offer Details to its Shareholders

The circular stated that shareholders must review the offer details, consult advisors, and follow specific acceptance procedures.

MultiChoice Group and Canal+ have released a Combined Circular detailing a mandatory offer by Canal+ to acquire all or a portion of MultiChoice shares at ZAR125.00 per share. Shareholders are urged to read the circular thoroughly and consult with their financial advisors.

Certificated shareholders must complete and return the Form of Acceptance and Transfer, while dematerialized shareholders should notify their CSDP or broker of their decision. The procedure for acceptance of the offer is outlined on page 5 of the circular.

This offer follows the Companies Act regulations and includes an Independent Expert’s report. Shareholders who have disposed of their MultiChoice shares should forward the Combined Circular and the Form of Acceptance and Transfer to the purchaser or their financial advisor.

Canal+ and MultiChoice emphasize the importance of following the specified procedures and disclaim responsibility for any acts or omissions by CSDPs or brokers.

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