Microsoft ADC & Cyber Shujaa Launches Cybersecurity Skilling Initiative to Empower African Professionals

Microsoft ADC and Cyber Shujaa’s new initiative aims to enhance cybersecurity skills, establishing Kenya as a cybersecurity hub.

Microsoft ADC has officially launched its Cybersecurity Skilling Initiative, aiming to equip individuals and organizations with the skills needed to navigate the evolving digital landscape. The initiative, a collaboration with Cyber Shujaa and other partners, focuses on enhancing cybersecurity expertise, particularly in Africa.

Cybersecurity knows no borders, and neither does our commitment to skilling. The Microsoft ADC Cybersecurity Skilling Initiative is not only timely but is envisioned to bring much needed boost in the industry especially in Africa. You can’t train for the far future, train for the next step and keep training.

Igor Sakhnov, Corporate Vice President, Engineering, Microsoft

This program is one of several ADC initiatives aimed at improving skill development, and its ADC’s contribution to establishing Kenya as a hub for cybersecurity professionals.

Catherine Muraga, MD, MicrosoftADC

The initiative represents a significant step towards bolstering cybersecurity skills and fortifying digital defenses in the region.

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