UN Women and Safaricom Launch AGCCI Cohort to Empower Young Women in Tech

UN Women and Safaricom’s AGCCI cohort empowers 15 young women, fostering future female tech leaders.

UN Women and Safaricom Women in Technology have partnered to launch the third AGCCI cohort, aiming to empower 15 young women, including 13 tech enthusiasts and 2 persons with disabilities. This initiative is part of their ongoing efforts to break barriers and shatter stereotypes in the traditionally male-dominated tech industry.

From May 13th to 23rd, participants from WIT’s Technovation and One Tech programs underwent intensive training. The program included a visit to Safaricom’s offices, providing real-world tech experience and insights from Safaricom engineers. This hands-on training is designed to demonstrate that being a woman in tech is not just about coding or innovating; it’s about paving the way for future generations and proving that gender or disability is no barrier to success in the digital age.

The cohort will also benefit from a 6-month mentorship program by Siemens and webinars by Safaricom, equipping these young women with the knowledge and skills needed to lead the ICT sector. Together, UN Women and Safaricom are shaping tomorrow’s leaders, one girl at a time.

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