Wegagen Bank Partners with Safaricom Ethiopia for M-PESA Mobile Payments

Wegagen Bank and Safaricom Ethiopia collaborate to offer M-PESA mobile payments, enhancing digital payment options for customers.

Wegagen Bank has signed an agreement with Safaricom Ethiopia, a telecom service provider that enables Mpesa mobile money payment services to its customers.

Mr. Goytom Gebretsadkan who signed the agreement on behalf of Wegagen Bank is the deputy executive representative of the technology sector of the bank and Mr. Paul Kavacho who is the chief digital finance services manager on Safaricom Ethiopia.

Currently, the digital payment system service is growing rapidly in our country and the number of users is increasing significantly. Mr. Goytom stated that the agreement made in connection with this will enable its customers to make a digital alternative payment for services they receive through businesses that are MPESA agents and for products they buy without having to hold cash.

Safaricom Ethiopia Chief Digital Finance Services Officer Mr. Paul Kavavu has stated that Mpesa mobile payment system is a very smooth service for customers. The agreement reached with Wogagen Bank will enable the users of Mpesa service who are the bank’s customers to expand digital payment options to get smooth service.

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