Safaricom Ethiopia Expands Network to New Cities

Safaricom Ethiopia expands network to new cities, enhancing connectivity and supporting over 42 million customers.

Safaricom Ethiopia is set to expand its network, ensuring connectivity in additional cities including Filakit, Debre Zebit, Chacha, Bure, Dangla, Wonjela, Deneba, Deneba to Asendabo, Bulbul, Adami Tulu, Meki, Ziway, Modjo, Ziway, Abuno, and Awash Melkasa.

As the leading telecommunication company in East Africa, Safaricom’s mission is to transform lives by connecting people to each other, opportunities, and information. Currently, the company keeps over 42 million customers connected, supporting over one million jobs both directly and indirectly. For the 12 months ending in March 2021, Safaricom’s total economic value was estimated at KES 362 billion ($3.2 billion).

The expansion into these new cities underlines Safaricom Ethiopia’s commitment to extending its reach and providing essential telecommunication services, further enhancing its impact on society and the economy.

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