M-PESA Safaricom Partners with EagleLion to Boost Merchant Integration in Ethiopia

M-PESA and EagleLion partner to integrate Ethiopian merchants, enhancing financial inclusion and business growth.

M-PESA Safaricom has announced a strategic partnership with Eaglelion System to facilitate the integration of merchants in Ethiopia onto the EagleLion Merchant Management System.

The agreement establishes clear roles and responsibilities for both parties to ensure the seamless implementation of this system.

We are excited to work with EagleLion to bring the benefits of our M-PESA platform to more merchants in Ethiopia. This partnership will further strengthen our commitment to driving financial inclusion and supporting the growth of businesses in the country.

Paul Kavavu, Chief Digital Financial Services Officer, Safaricom

This partnership with M-PESA Safaricom is a crucial step in our mission to streamline the integration of merchants onto our Merchant Management System.

Bersufekad Getachew, CEO, EagleLion

The agreement encompasses tasks such as KYC collection, contract signing, branding, activation, and QR code placement, ensuring a comprehensive and integrated approach to merchant onboarding.

The partnership between M-PESA Safaricom and EagleLion aims to establish a strong foundation for the integration of merchants, ultimately enhancing the overall payment ecosystem in Ethiopia.

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